Not user friendly for new users...

Blog Post created by CaveSpringAssoc on Apr 10, 2018

I am seriously considering stopping my learning of ArcGIS even though I need it for my organization due to the unbelievable lack of gudied learning in this software.  I am aware of the countless workbooks and videos that are out there. I have already  invested a few hundred dollars in them alone.. But the website for ArcGIS needs to be taken down and revised from the ground up. I want to add that I am not a novice computer user but a database developer of 15 years with my own successful company.  If I delivered support materials the way the Esri website was layed out I would be neve get paid.

I will agree the software is some of the most amazing software I have ever beheld but the inability to google something and get an answer for the version you have is insanity. When I search for basic concepts I have to stop and look and see if its ArcGIS Desktop or Pro or if its pre-release this or that.... leaving me now for the last two hours trying to answer a simple question but unable to find a solution that matches the version of software I am using. 

I cannot imagine what a person without a high degree of comupter skill would do if in my place... and I considering tossing it in and calling it a day as I dont have the time or energy to decipher the gordian knot that is called Support at Esri.