New:  Site Design Rules (beta)

Blog Post created by CWilkins-esristaff Employee on Oct 28, 2019

I have recently compiled and rewritten building code from old and new CityEngine building rules, and packaged it as a downloadable Project. The rules will eventually integrate with ArcGIS Urban. There are docs to explain the main rules, and there are examples of how to customize the rules. Download this and make lots of buildings for your site designs.



  • Compatible with ArcGIS Urban reporting of metrics for usages and key performance indicators available in Dashboard.
  • New façade design system, with Handles and Local Edits.
  • Rules for three start shapes: 1. Footprint, 2. Parcel, and 3. Mass.
  • Display options for designing with usages and metrics, exporting floor plates, or showing detailed buildings for renderings (available in textured or solid color).
The name Site Design Rules implies more than just buildings – we intend to continually develop this project to include rules for all parts of site design. These rules will evolve over time. Especially with user feedback.
The project (as of 10/28/2019) is attached to this post, but the permanent page is here: