Challenge to Matt Buehler

Blog Post created by CWilkins-esristaff Employee on Oct 24, 2014

Matthias Buehler taught me so much about CGA. He is an incredible programmer, artist, tutor, procedural modeler, architect, and general good natured human being. Now that he is with Garsdale Design with another one of our CGA heroes, Elliot Hartley, I'd like to help steer business to both of them. Garsdale is part of the Esri Partner Network, so we can vouch for their excellence in design, and I recommend you contact them for consulting and design services.


So to keep Matt high on everyone's radar, I'm challenging him to a points race on GeoNet. If he accepts, then I will surely lose, and if he doesn't then he might beat me anyways. It's just for fun.


I think I'll get points just for posting this blog. Matthias Buehler, are you interested?


Chris Wilkins

CGA guy, Esri Redlands