Operations Dashboard

Blog Post created by Benfiji on Nov 24, 2016

Donors like the European Union would like to know exactly how was the fund being used and what exactly is the progress of EU funded projects.As part of the EU Coordination Unit team, one most important aspect of our job is monitoring and evaluation. So as you can see on the screen below, we have integrated the project indicators with the activity maps. Project indicators is taken out from Inception report + logical framework analysis. Based on the two documents, we developed a performance summary sheet and meet all project managers to key in their data to show progress. An example below, the operations dashboard clearly shows the progress of the projects (indicators) and the maps shows the implementation on the ground. In one screen decision can be made and we can also rank the projects using our color coding. The OD also assist project managers on areas to focus more in order to get some impact out of the results align in the project Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVI).


Now that half-donuts shown can be used to make decision, however to enhance the decision we need to insert notes to the indicator (gauge widget) to inform us/them how it was achieved, a link to verification documents, issues and so forth. Can we insert notes and also can provide hyperlink?