Operational Awareness at the Monster Mile

Blog Post created by AZiegler-esristaff Employee on Jan 25, 2018

At least twice a year, Dover International Speedway, nicknamed “The Monster Mile,” plays host to NASCAR. As with any large spectator event, a NASCAR race presents unique public safety challenges to coordinating personnel. With a seating capacity of 95,500, facility owner, Dover Motorsports, turns to Kent County's Public Safety Department to keep spectators safe.


Our account team met with the Kent County Public Safety Department and other County staff in October to talk about Public Safety priorities and how to leverage Esri technology to locationally enable the department. With the second NASCAR race of the year 9 days away, the conversation quickly turned to how ArcGIS could be used for real-time operational awareness.


We quickly identified four goals for the NASCAR event; field data collection of assets as they were set up around the facility, tracking personnel location in real-time, a digital map of asset locations to be accessed by field staff, and an operational awareness application to give the Operations Center insight into the field.


Data collection was achieved using Collector for ArcGIS. There were several County staff members collecting points for first aid stations, food tents, gates, bathrooms, elevators and more.  Photos of some areas were also included.  This turned out to be a very valuable feature. All the points were right on target.

The web map of asset locations was accessed via the Explorer for ArcGIS application. This was well received by the field staff for working in the field. The web map contained points that were collected earlier by Collector for ArcGIS to give field staff awareness of what was around them. The map was enabled to search the asset layer so staff could quickly find referenced points of interest. Explorer for ArcGIS will be used by Public Safety to support future events

Workforce for ArcGIS provided the framework for tracking staff locations in the field. The location information was added to a Web AppBuilder application where a filter was applied to show on-duty worker locations. The Near Me widget added functionality to the application for the Operations Center to find the closest worker to an incident. Actual worker location depended on the device used and obstructions in the area. This caused a lower level of confidence to where field staff were. The County is looking into adding external GPS devices to improve locational accuracy.

The County was able to support a major mass gathering event by standing up these configurable ArcGIS Online applications in less than 10 days.