New Jersey GeoSpatial Forum Hands-On Workshop (Part 1)

Blog Post created by AZiegler-esristaff Employee on Mar 3, 2017

We recently hosted a hands-on workshop for the New Jersey GeoSpatial Forum at the Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center. The workshop focused on Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS and the field mobility suite of applications for efficient field operations. Due to unforeseen circumstances we didn’t get our hands on the mobile apps, but we did have a successful workshop in the morning creating applications with Web AppBuilder.


Throughout the morning and afternoon, we discussed several topics and referenced several resources. Instead of emailing the group, I thought that I might share the information from the workshop here so that anyone else that happens across this information can make use of it.


WebApp Builder for ArcGIS Session


Throughout the morning presentation I referenced the ArcGIS Solutions site heavily. I really wanted to get out the message that the Solutions site should be the first stop when wanting to share your web maps by way of application. Along with hundreds of applications, there are template feature layers, maps and other non-web tools to help local governments turn their beautiful data into actionable, engaging, interactive applications.


ArcGIS Solutions: Please explore and see what it has to offer. Clicking on the gallery allows you to explore the solutions by Industries, Products/Applications or Implementation Patterns. You can also search the gallery very effectively here as well.

We looked briefly at a poster entitled ‘I am building A Smart Community’ with hundreds of solutions broken into Industries (I have one that hangs on my office wall right next to me).


For our hands-on session we chose an application, reverse engineered it and built it ourselves. The location we chose our application form was the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS – Live Sites Showcase. This is a collection of live web apps that were built using the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, with some being built by the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer Edition.

In getting our hands dirty, we used the links from the specific widget configurations to drive to the help topics on the widgets. Here is the link to the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS and a link directly to the widgets.