Series #1: Consuming an ArcGIS Server feature service

Blog Post created by ASivasailam-esristaff Employee on Aug 31, 2017

If you've never used a feature service before, I'd highly recommend that you start here: What is a feature service?—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise  


So, over the course of this series, we'll cover some of the essential steps needed to have a feature service be consumed in a desktop/web/mobile application:


Required steps:

  1. Assemble your data. If you will be publishing a feature service without copying the data, you need to have your data in an enterprise geodatabase or database.
  2. Prepare the data in your database for publishing. This involves connecting to your ArcGIS Server site and registering your database or enterprise geodatabase with the ArcGIS Server site. 
  3. Author a map document to be compliant with the feature service. This is a key component to any editing workflow.
  4. Publish your map document as a map service with the Feature Access capability enabled (if publishing from ArcMap). This creates a feature service endpoint through which clients, such as a web app, can access and edit the features in your map.
  5. Consume the feature service in a client application. There are a variety of ArcGIS-compliant client applications available for you to use.


We'll go over these in subsequent posts over each step mentioned above. This series covers information being mentioned in the documentation but details them in a sequential manner so that you can use this as a reference to deep dive into the ArcGIS Enterprise documentation site.