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Many vendors support the LAZ format, currently the only way to read these files in ArcGIS is to uncompress them using utilties or Data Interoperability extension  (and maybe compress them again if we need them small into zLAS).   This is a pain.   Please support LAZ read only (at least).
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I'm trying to create a ClassBreakRenderer and set it on a GraphicsOvelay and cannot get it to work. The renderer works fine on a FeatureLayer, but doesn't work on a GraphicsOverlay that's been created using the same data as the FeatureLayer. I'm not sure what I'm missing here. Is there a sample somewhere that shows how to do this? I pasted the… (Show more)
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In the documentation:     .# Create the new utility network, service_territory, dataset, network_name) I'm running  stand-alone script, and got the error message" in <module>… (Show more)
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I am pulling out what little hair I have left trying to find out why this will not publish. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.See attached.
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We find ourselves in dire need of using something like Drone2Map to rapidly get georeferenced drone captured imagery into an orthophoto and distributed to the right people that same day.  I have tried using just ArcGIS Pro to demonstrate how difficult it is to import such drone imagery, and then have it georeferenced (which because of bugs I had… (Show more)
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We hope integrate spatial data with businese data do some statistics analysis.  Because the business data stored in oracle database, so we need run python script interface could support reading and writing oracle datasource directly. 
Click to view contentAny remote sensing image, whether it’s a drone image, aerial photograph, or data from a satellite sensor, will inherently be impacted by some form of geometric distortion. The shape of local terrain, the sensor angle and altitude, the motion of the sensor system, and the curvature of the Earth all make it difficult to represent three dimensional… (Show more)
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I have Typescript code that tries to use ESRI in a jQuery environment.  I have installed arcgis-js-api with NPM, and I have tried a number of things from various pages located here at ESRI concerning ArcGIS, Typescript, jQuery, and Visual Studio.  Nothing has borne fruit.  After stripping down the code as much as possible, I find it's the import… (Show more)
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I am attempting to use the Production Mapping Data Load tool to copy data from one database into another with a differing schema.  Something I've done manually several times, but would prefer to script it out to save some time.  Unfortunately I've run into some issues, and was hoping someone may point me in the right direction.     Code Sample:  … (Show more)
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Our school has a research farm with defined field boundaries that we are about to update and catalog.  What I would like to see a data model or example of how to use that to track use, changes in boundary, subsetting of boundaries through time.
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Currently I have several products in my ecosystem:   ArcGIS Pro 2.4 ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 ArcGIS Desktop 10.6 Conda with arcpy package.   Every one of them allows me to use arcpy package in python. How do I know the version of arcobjects used by each one of the instance of arcpy in my ecosystem?   If the versions are different how do I know… (Show more)
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I'm trying to publish a geodatabase for use with Collector. I have related feature class-feature class, feature class-table and table-table. I haven't been able to publish the geodatabase successfully. If I remove the related tables it publishes but ultimately I need the tables.   I saw that you can only have 3 linked tables. Originally I had 4… (Show more)
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