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I've noticed that I can re-arrange fields in the Fields View of ArcGIS Pro, but that this order is not permanent, and only applies to the layer in the table of contents.   Side story: I often need to re-arrange the order of fields permanently, but the only way I currently know how is to create a personal geodatabase in ArcMap, import the…
In ArcGIS 10.5.1 my coworker and I both have to double-click two times to open any of our mxds.  The first double-click spins for a bit, then stops, presenting nothing.  The second double-click opens the map normally.  This wasn't always the case, but now it's consistent.  Has anyone else run in to this?
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Click to view contentI'm using Scene in ArcGIS Pro and I don't understand why my Label Placement is grayed out even though I've selected my Feature Class in the Contents panel and the Maplex Label Engine is checked? I'm new to Pro and could be missing something obvious. arcgis-pro
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Ok,   I have been away for a while (6 or 7 years) but lately have been busy writing JavaScript viewers and much has transpired in those years.  I am migrating a JS viewer from 3.27 to 4.10 and was migrating my custom 3.27 swipe widget to 4.10 and ran into a brick wall with regard to the use of a Canvas in 4.10 in lieu of SVG from the 3.27.… (Show more)
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Here is my code:   point="T:/GIS/Projects/GIS/WorkOrderTools/MapDocuments/WorkOrderTesting/Default.gdb/WO"+workOrder+"/point" consumer="C:/Users/azumwalt.UECOOP/AppData/Roaming/ESRI/Desktop10.4/ArcCatalog/ElectricModel - azumwalt.sde/consumer" fm_mapname = arcpy.FieldMap() fm_phasing = arcpy.FieldMap() fms = arcpy.FieldMappings()… (Show more)
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In ArcGIS Desktop when editing m-enabled featureclass vertices you have a number of options regarding the measures. This includes drop measures, set offsets, recalculate, set from distance, set from and to all on a single right click. Could we implement this same functionality in ArcGIS Pro?
I am trying to get Local Server working in a Runtime 100.4 .NET application. Mostly I need this for a geoprocessing service, but am trying to get it working with a map service first (just so I can verify I've got everything wired correctly).   I have an mmpk that I generated in Pro, and it has a few polygons. If I just load it in (using… (Show more)
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Click to view contentYou’re using Esri software and you find an issue. You want to let Esri know about this issue so we can fix it. So you sign in to My Esri, and you navigate to the Support sub tab under My Organizations. You search this Support Overview page. What is an authorized caller? Someone from your organization who is designated to contact Esri to request… (Show more)
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Hi,   We have an Enterprise ArcGIS platform with HA setup. For the backups we use the webgisdr tool. This tool is taking around 16 hours to complete a full backup of 6GB size. Is this expected behavior in terms of time ?    Thanks, Prasanth
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I've been working on migrating our workflows from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro over the last year, and one consistent annoyance is the performance of the join tools in Pro. Joining csv files, tables, and feature classes to each other in ArcMap has always been a cinch and usually takes no more than 10 seconds. In Pro however, both the join and remove…
I have create a Feature class, of shape polyline. I have then used the geoprocessing tool "Table to Domain" to take this list of polylines and allow it to be consumed by another table or feature class in my gdb as a domain value.   The challenge I now have, is when a new polyline is added to the original or source feature class, how do I get the… (Show more)
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Is there a way within My ESRI to tell which ArcGIS Desktop version each user in my organization actually has installed on his or her machine? 
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Be able to add a feature class to an existing replica with out having to create custom code or recreate the replica.
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