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Join is at Esri UC 2018 for 5 days of 1000 sessions, 450 hours of GIS training and 300 exhibitors.   ArcGIS for Maritime experts will be at hand to answer your questions while introducing new cutting edge technology and functionality. There are many opportunities for you to meet and greet them.   Esri UC 2018 Maritime Agenda is as follows:… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Maritime
I am working with a campsite surveying map that is connected to Collector and Survey 123. The campsite id is fairly complicated string of numbers that looks like [08-03-06-350-18-001] with the last to number sets [18-001] being the year the campsite was found and the ID number of sites found that year.    In the above example the site was… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online
Just to make using deferred a bit clearer, may i ask you for an example of using deferred within 2-3 methods?   I'm working on a problem where i am trying to get the max number from a field. So first a query method is called (which sets uo the query), and then at query.execute, the query is sent to another method which cycles through each… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for JavaScript
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Whether the natural disaster is flooding, fire, earthquake, landslide, hurricane or tornado, there will be people in need and infrastructure to repair. A key question to be answered before any serious recovery efforts start is the magnitude and impact of the event; quantifying the damage. In times like these, collaboration, coordination and… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Can anyone find Fish Finder Log survey in Survey123 phone app who is a public user? If so can you download it and submit a test entry?   So far, ESRI techs dont understand my problem. Basically, I just want my survey to work with public volunteers. They would be willing to download the app and get a free public  ESRI username and password if… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
In Collector, when attaching photos to a feature collected in the field, no GPS EXIF data is recorded in the file on both iOS and Android platforms. It would be useful to have the geotag data in addition to the location from the feature photos are attached to. I collect many linear feautures, for example, and it is useful to know where along the…
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I'm looking for suggestions and best practices in setting up a bilingual ESRI Portal.  My organization offers service in both English and French and I'd like a URL for each.   I have a portal 10.6 installed to play with. I've considered just using ?locale=fr in the query string, but that doesn't persist when you click through to another page.   … (Show more)
in Portal for ArcGIS
For all ArcGIS Online Administrators it is really useful to see a list of all of your users on one page and to be able to use this data elsewhere.Therefore I think it'd be really useful to be able to have an Export to Excel button on the User List page.
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This is my workflow: Open a map with some layer, no matter what type of geometry and layer start making an interactively selection "very-short in time" (every second) using "Select features tool" after 3-4-5 of this operation, sudden death of ArcMap with the dialog "ArcMap has stop working"   And there is no difference if I use SHIFT button to… (Show more)
in Mapping
Is there a way to rotate a label in ArcGIS  using an Arcade expression?  By default the labels are horizontal, but I'd like them to be parallel with the polygons.  
in GIS Developers
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