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Hello, I an using model builder to join a table to a layer, then exporting that layer into a shapefile that permanently contains the data from the joined table.  At this time I am using "feature class to feature class to create my new shapefile."  The model seems to work, however I have a couple questions: 1)  By default most of the functions… (Show more)
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Anyone else having an issue with Pro not recognizing when you UNcheck the "maintain fully qualified field names" box when running a join? Even though I uncheck the box, it adds the full table name and I have to unjoin and rejoin. Usually I have to do this 3-5 times before it actually works. And yet other times it works the first time. Very… (Show more)
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On business analyst online:   Is there a way to know how far away (drive times) zip codes are from a given site? For example if I have 15-30-45 minute drive time rings from a site, is there a way to identify the zip codes within a 15 minute drive time, a 30 minute drive time and a 45 minute drive time from the site?   Thank you in advance for… (Show more)
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Does anyone have simple syntax so I can add a timer or clock to my Arcpy script? Thanks.
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Click to view contentStarting to work with the newest 2019 data and have dreaded updating previous year reports in ArcMap.  I found a blog post by Kyle Watson that shows how you can switch between local and portal for reports, but doing so seems to also change the data source defeating the purpose of having the data locally installed, potentially preventing someone… (Show more)
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Hi,   I was wondering if it might be possible to enable the time slider in the web app builder dashboard to filter the layers so that the infographic widget updates based on the time slider drawing layers. I know that currently the inforgraphic widget does not filter in conjunction with the time slider but I was just wondering if it could be… (Show more)
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Operational Workflows for Government and Private Sector Security Organizations   Open source intelligence (OSINT) is the collection and analysis of information gathered from public, or open sources. Information products are disseminated in a timely manner to an appropriate audience for addressing a specific information requirement. OSINT is…
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Hi,   Given the direction that hopefully Esri is going in, I thought it would be nice if it would be possible to have a first person point of view/camera that would move along a given path facing any set direction. I don't know if this could be made possible sometime down the road but just thought to mention it.   Robert
Hi all,   Many of my agency's mobile data collection has thus far been accomplished using the Fulcrum application, but a few our of groups requested switching over to Survey123/Collector. In Fulcrum, I typically design the app and then import an ESRI Shapefile of point locations. These point locations show up on a map in the app and users can… (Show more)
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Hello,   I've developed a custom infographic using 2019 Esri data and ACS 2013-2017 data. I am seeing discrepancies between Community Profile reports run in Pro and BA Web App. I also use that same data in my infographic and those numbers don't match what is in the Community Profile. Why is this happening? We provide both reports and infographics… (Show more)
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I am looking into extracting feature classes from our SDE (oracle). Is it possible to extract the feature using the representation geometry for the feature instead of the normal geometry? I can see hex values in the blob in the representation override field within oracle. 
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We have been using Operations Dashboard in an Emergency Management situation and one thing that we cannot do that is a problem, is have the dashboard refresh automatically.  I know you set up a refresh interval on the map services in the underlying web map and these are honored in the dashboard widgets/tools, but I'm talking about a mechanism to…
I am not sure if the libraries I am using are older, but I am getting an error when using the featureTypes qulaifier in the Python API geoding command below     arcgis.geocoding.reverse_geocode(begcoord,distance=intersearch,featureTypes=StreetInt)  The documentation (reverseGeocode—ArcGIS REST API: World Geocoding Service | ArcGIS for Developers )… (Show more)
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