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Once you've chosen the certification you'd like to pursue, preparing for the exam is the next challenge. Candidates often fall into the trap of thinking that there isn’t a need to prepare - Perhaps you’ve been in the field for many years, or maybe you are just exiting a degree program or taken Esri Training courses, so preparation

In ArcMap 10.6, I am using the following definition query on a featureClass to get the features that are underway but the results is not what I expected. Data are stored in Geodatabase Entreprise on PostgreSQL.   projectid IN (SELECT projectid FROM FeatureClass_P WHERE startdate <= CURRENT_TIMESTAMP AND enddate >=
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Hi, I am a student at newcastle university. I have used my educational licence to activate the Arc softawares. All of them work (ArcMap, ArcGlobe, etc) except the one that I actually need (ArcGIS Pro). When I open the software it still asks for a license. How do I solve this problem?  
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I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.4.3, and just running this script through IDLE for ArcGIS Pro.   I am having some difficulty getting a standard expression in Python to return what I need.  I have created a simple query to try and run...if I can get this to work then I will insert this into my main program with added functions.