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GeoNet Staff Picks of the Week  The Esri 2018 User Conference What you might have missed Couldn't make it? Want to relive the memories? We have it all in the UC Space! Live blog highlights, daily updates, video, pics and so much more. See what you missed >> Live from the 2018 User Conference Plenary: Morning Session Live from the
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I am trying to create a file path and add it to a field by concatenating the path with a file name that is held in a field in my data.My path is a constant \Links\Sheets\Project\ and my Drawing_Name field has values like Drawing01.pdf, Drawing02.pdf etc.    I keep getting the error:   The SELECT statement includes a
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I created a version called GIS.GIS Data so that operators out in the field could GPS data and I could review it and post the edits to my own version before reaching the Default. My only concern is that our current reconcile and post scripts is grabbing data from each of the child versions under the Default each night. Is there
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Any examples for using a FGDB feature class as the data source for a MS Word Document mail merge?   I'm able to implement this by simply exporting the feature class as csv but I need to extend this to include a FGDB containing attachments and be able to add the images into the word document as well.   Thanks for any ideas.