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hello guys I have a problem. I have a shp file with 8300 point information. 1. How does one value be displayed across multiple points? 2. Is there a different type of label on the label? I'm trying to show pictures. Give me some time to help, please

Hi all,   I've reproduced some of my old map documents in ArcGIS Pro, believing there would be some efficiencies in this.  When I export these layouts to PDF, the resulting files are about 5x larger than the same maps exported out of ArcMap (~5MB vs < 1MB).  The export options are set-up the same in both Pro and ArcMap and I've
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Who designed ArcGIS Pro?  It is absolutely the most cumbersome piece of software I have ever used! It is so poorly designed compared to ArcMap, which is awesome. QGIS is not as difficult as ArcGIS Pro. I have a strong feeling, if something is not done to correct this piece of shist, it will go the way of the dodo!!!! It has such a huge
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I have a problem with the raster calculator of ArcMap 10.5.1 because it only gives out a raster with 0 an 1 values. I'd like to calculate the Leaf Area Index out of a NDVI-Raster by using this equation: LAI = (((1+NDVI)/(1-NDVI))*NDVI)^0.5 I already have a raster with the NDVI values ranging from approx. -0.699 to approx. 0.823. The Pixel type