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Hi I created a model builder and scripted it out to python.  My issue is it only works if the layer is outside of group layer.  How can I modify it to works in both inside and outside of group layer?  Thank you very much for your help.         import arcpy,sys, os arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True arcpy.env.workspace = r"C:\GIS\MyGeodatabase.gdb"… (Show more)
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So in ArcMap (10.5.1) when connecting to a folder I have the option to choose my OneDrive folder.....   Since this is available in ArcMap I assumed that it was available in Pro, but when I looked I couldn't find anything. Am I missing something? Or is connecting to a OneDrive folder not available in Pro yet?
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There is a 10 meter resolution land cover raster. An analyst wishes to resample 10 meter raster to 30 meter raster. The analyst selects the Bilinear Resampling technique in the Resample tool of the Raster Processing toolset of ArcGIS 10.3. ArcGIS 10.3 help defines the Bilinear Resampling technique as: Performs a bilinear interpolation and… (Show more)
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Hi folks,   Is it still possible to add an AppStudio for ArcGIS standard license in your organizational AGOL subscription? We are told by the ESRI AU that we have to get an ArcGIS Developer Subscription (ADS) (old EDN). and I am really puzzled:   How on earth can developers upload an app to their organization when they are using ADS which… (Show more)
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I have been back and forth with ESRI support on this one, but thought I might try a post hoping the Flex Team will take a look at it. My situation is this: Being that I am on AGS 10.0 I am using ERSI's Export Web Map Task ( When… (Show more)
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Update: Collector's Aurora Beta is available. Already have it? Join the discussion in our Early Adopter Community.   Collector for ArcGIS launched in the Apple App Store and Google Play in January 2013, followed by the Windows Store in December 2015.  Since its initial release Collector has evolved considerably, and as its capabilities have… (Show more)
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On rare occasions ArcCatalog leaves a transaction running with no SQL activity occurring. I am looking for anyone else who may have noticed this issue and, if I am really lucky, has a solution.   It appears to be associated (not yet 100% confirmed) with moving between database connections in the ArcCatalog tree view.   Environment is  ArcGIS… (Show more)
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