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I've created a blank spatially Enabled Dataframe  with columns,  I'm attempting to append an a row to the Dataframe, which I'm doing successfully,  but as I append a row it overwrites the SHAPE column of all previous rows.   sdf.append(some_row, ingore_index=True)
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Hello everyone,   Is there a way to count records returned by a arcpy.da.SearchCursor?   This is how I am doing the count   # Initialize count = 0 srcToday = None with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(FeatureClass, fieldnames, whereClause) as srcToday: for rowToday in srcToday:       count = count + 1   if count == 0: ……
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I open ArcGIS Pro, create a new blank project, right-click on Folders in the Catalog pane, then click Add Folder Connection.  If I then click on any folder in the dialog box, ArcGIS Pro disappears from my screen and seems to shut down.  However, the task is still running in Windows task manager until I end it manually.  Does anyone know why this… (Show more)
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I'm new to PowerBI and I'm confused as to why the data has to be hosted in ArcGIS Online to be visible in the Addin. Why can't it see map services that have been shared with the Public?
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Click to view contentI'm in the process of implementing ArcGIS Data Store, and a part of that process involves first designating a hosting server.  I have just upgraded everything on our Sandbox to version 10.6.1 (ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Desktop).  I am going through the steps on our isolated sandbox server first in case I blow something up.  When I get to the… (Show more)
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Special service provided for the partial government shutdown   We are excited to be just days away from the start of the Esri Federal GIS Conference. We’ve recently announced our keynote speakers and plenary agenda, and are ready to welcome our Federal Government user community to this year’s event.   The conference is a great opportunity for… (Show more)
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I am trying to combine multiple rasters into one in ModelBuilder, and I keep getting these errors:     ERROR 010159: Unable to open VAT file of I:\nfleisch\Landsat5&8_Dataset\Vector_Rasters\DAMAGE_AREAS_FLAT_Rgn4_1997_Combination.tif. ERROR 010067: Error in executing grid expression. Failed to execute (Combine)   What could be the problem?
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