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Click to view contentI haven't had to use ArcGIS Online for quite awhile, but I have a need to setup a Collector map for a simple field verification project.   I was hoping I would notice great changes and a nicer interface and functionality, but unfortunately it's like nothing has even changed.   The features in the hosted feature service I published to AGOL look… (Show more)
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ArcGIS Pro 2.3 crashes without warning usually during processes like changing windows etc.  No way to diagnose as no crash window comes up.
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All versions of on-device or off line maps on Collector app are failing to sync.  The sync is stalling or freezing a quarter of the way thru the sync.  I have not changed anything to cause this issue.  Any news on changes esri has made to ArcGIS on-line or problems with their servers to cause this problem?
Click to view contentThe Power of Data Science in Enterprise GIS System ArcGIS Notebook Server Enterprise 10.7.1 Install and Configure on Azure Linux VM Avinash Patel | Enterprise GIS | 14th Dec 2019
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I'm trying to retrieve the graphic instance when it's being created so I can setAttribute to it then manipulate the specific graphic afterwards.
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We're just now getting the full functionality of Python in ArcMap via Python Add-Ins, but now everything is moving to ArcGIS Pro and I noticed that there are not any plans to include Python Add-Ins for Pro as well. I do like the new mapping module for Pro, but please also give us the ability to create Add-Ins with Python as well.   When up voting…
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Hello everyone,   The goal is to find all the records that were deleted  comparing yesterday and today versions of the same feature class. I am running a python script that uses cursors. With the curosr I am able to identigy the record that was deleted because it was in the featuer class yesterday but not today.   When I insert a new record… (Show more)
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Are there plans to enable setting default values for fields in Collector ? In typical field data collection, some (many) fields have repetitive values (for example, person's name, project name, time and date (current), geographical area - state, county, etc). Ability for user to set defaults would greatly improve field work ergonomics. Other field… (Show more)
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