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Click to view contentIn the aftermath of a natural disaster, response and recovery efforts can be drastically slowed down by manual data collection. Traditionally, insurance assessors and government officials have to rely on human interpretation of imagery and site visits to assess damage and loss. But depending on the scope of a disaster, this necessary process could… (Show more)
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Click to view content“Shift” tool has performance issue,   I observed that the “Shift” tool has performance issue. Is it normal that a raster of 113 MB takes around 4 minutes in order to be shifted (-50000, -500000)? My machine is with 4 Cores X 64GB RAM   Is there any recommendation to increase the performance of this tool?      
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ArcPro: having the tools\commands populated within the model builder area,   I think it is time to enjoy having the same relaxing environment available in FME in the ArcPro! For example: - The tools can be called within the model builder area by just typing the first few letters of the tool name (Implemented) - The number of output features…
How to clear\define the coordinate system of a particular layer in catalog of ArcPro?   This option appears to be not available in arcpro   This idea is already discussed here How to define the coordinate system of a layer while working in catalog of ArcGIS Pro,       rawan saleh, Majdoleen Awadallah
Getting “clear” option of the coordinate system available in ArcGIS Pro,   It is very useful to have “clear” option of the coordinate system available in ArcGIS Pro. In particular cases, it enable us to better understand our data      
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I would like to resample a raster dataset using a majority of my input pixels. There is a function called "Resample>Majority"; however, it does not do what I want. Lets say that I have a raster with 1 meter resolution and from this raster I would like to evaluate 10 meter raster, where the 10 meter pixels will represent the major value in the… (Show more)
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Click to view contentInserting “scale text” into layout in ArcGIS Pro,   I couldn’t figure out how to insert “scale text” into layout in ArcGIS Pro. The google search returns no straightforward method to overcome this issue  
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We're looking to make future enhancements to the ArcGIS Ideas site and are interested in listening to what you have to say.    If you could take a few minutes to tell us about what you like and dislike about the current site, and what you'd love to see if we could do whatever we wanted, that would be awesome.  Think of this as an opportunity to… (Show more)
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