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Hi,   Is it normal, for a WebApp, built with WAB, that is hosted on the same machine as the Portal / ArcGIS Web Adaptor Portal, that while the login process, the clientID "arcgisonline" is transferred and not the registered APPID? As a result of this, the login page for the portal is /home/signin.html?returnUrl= and not… (Show more)
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Users in my organisation cannot download any maps today (maps which were previously able to do so). The problem suddenly occured this morning and the error we are receiving are all pointing to "Connection timed out". The maps are available online.   Anyone else having this trouble? Are servers perhaps offline (even though they are online… (Show more)
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Hi all,   I've reproduced some of my old map documents in ArcGIS Pro, believing there would be some efficiencies in this.  When I export these layouts to PDF, the resulting files are about 5x larger than the same maps exported out of ArcMap (~5MB vs < 1MB).  The export options are set-up the same in both Pro and ArcMap and I've also experimented… (Show more)
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I am trying to perform analysis on worksheets in a .xlsx file. However, I am unable to access the worksheet. In the ArcGIS Pro catalog, I see my Excel file with a drop-down arrow, but when I click on it, the worksheets do not appear. I am expecting about 16 sheets to drop down, with "$" in the name of each. I don't understand why this is… (Show more)
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Hi, I am facing projection error (As of my thinking), when adding default ESRI basemap to my application Error: Map: Geometry (wkid: 32637) cannot be converted to spatial reference of the map (wkid: 102100)   I am using Dynamic layer. And this error occurred on following line var res = results.features[0];… (Show more)
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Hello, I cannot figure out how to convert selected features from a feature dataset to geometry, so that I can zoom the map to the selected features (I want to zoom the map to only the selected state from the code below).   I have two layers in my map (project area and states). I was able to select the state from the states layer that intersects my… (Show more)
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I know, I know, Flickr isn't dead. According to some, they're just being reasonable. In any case, Smugmug's acquisition of Flickr means that Flickr free accounts (which formerly allowed 1 TERABYTE of photo and video hosting) will be limited to 1,000 uploaded photos.   I imagine this will break many story maps once Flickr/Smugmug starts slowly… (Show more)
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Let us trace and edit Geometric Networks in Pro.    I understand that Utility Networks are supposed to be better and designed to replace Geometric Networks, but they are new and, from what I understand, they require an Enterprise license.  Making it an all or nothing deal is quite frustrating and will keep smaller orgs from moving to Pro.   I am…