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I am trying to create a file path and add it to a field by concatenating the path with a file name that is held in a field in my data.My path is a constant \Links\Sheets\Project\ and my Drawing_Name field has values like Drawing01.pdf, Drawing02.pdf etc.    I keep getting the error:   The SELECT statement includes a reserved word or an argument… (Show more)
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I created a version called GIS.GIS Data so that operators out in the field could GPS data and I could review it and post the edits to my own version before reaching the Default. My only concern is that our current reconcile and post scripts is grabbing data from each of the child versions under the Default each night. Is there a command in python… (Show more)
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Can I plot Excel data w/o latitude and longitude? File is attached. It contains shape area and shape length, as well as GIS PIN. 
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Can I display two coordinate systems simultaneously in Data View? We use local site grid coordinates in the field (1000N, 1000E), which we then later georefrence to GPS data in UTM. Is there a way to display both in Arcmap at the same time? So that i can select a point and see our site grid coordinates and the real world UTM coordinates.
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We have oracle 11 SDE database with some possible versioned feature classes. Besides looking into the relevant tables involved in versioning is there any way to find out if a FC is versioned and might need compressing/finalizing. Thanks for the input.
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ArcMap allows you to create a feature by streaming vertices. ArcPro doesn't allow this. The freehand tool is problematic because of the way it warps edits, it would be nice to have the streaming tool back. Thanks!
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I already have code for Xamarin Forms iOS and Xamarin Forms Android that gets a config file from the ESRI portal and that works for both platforms.  I added the UWP component as we are now going to support UWP and I get a 400 bad request from the item.GetDataAsync() method.  I have already logged in and got a list of portal groups, I can select… (Show more)
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Hello Esri Community, I would like to do a Density population map for my thesis but I had 2 errors when I tried : 1. ERROR 01038 Syntax error at or near symbol NEW-LINE I precised that DDminimum does come from a polygone but convex hull (Minimum geometry boundary tool). 2. ERROR 010267 Syntax error in parsing grid expression I did the… (Show more)
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