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Can I migrate geometric network data to UPDM(2019) without linear referencing?

Question asked by ayazhussain4049 on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by APalit-esristaff

I have two databases storing pipeline data. One is spatial and the other is non-spatial. The spatial has one geometric network and other simple feature classes. I need to perform migration from those databases to one centralized database, UPDM,2019. This is very simple data as it does not have any utility network or any linear referencing. I have seen the data template of UPDM. It has a utility network containing center-lines, calibration points etc. that are used for pipeline linear referencing.

My question is, can I transform my data to updm without linear referencing? Because, I have seen some feature classes in UPDM, they contain route_id.  

The data is huge, so if LRS is needed, how would I able to transform the data? 

What is best practice in such sceneries?

Can someone give me a guide line to implement this?