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[SceneView] Moving the camera around / camera tracking

Question asked by victorberchet on Sep 19, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2020 by afiva-esristaff

I am the developper of which is an application used to display paragliding flights.


You can see an example here. 3D support has just been added as I have only discovered the ArcGis API lately - it's really great !


Next thing I'd like to implement is to track the pilot when the cursor moves on the timeline at the bottom of the screen (as of now you have to click on the timeline to sync the pilot position. Using the mouse wheel on the timeline zooms to the pilot position).


When I tried to update the camera position each time the cursor moves on the timeline, I got a lot of "AbortedError" and most moves were not actually taken.


Does anybody have some experience about tracking a moving object with the camera in a SceneView ? 


I guess it should be possible as you can track a moving object using your mouse. However I am unsure doing it with the API. Any help is welcome.