Identify Transformation Used by Append Tool

Discussion created by DETCOG_GIS on Sep 16, 2020

In ArcMap, I regularly use the Append geoprocessing tool to append data from a dataset in one projection (in this case UTM 15 N, meters) into another dataset in a different projection (in this case WGS84).  When you append between projections, as expected, there are slight shifts in the data.  I'm fine with this as the shifts have always seemed to be consistent, meaning it appears to use a consistent transformation in the process.


However, I'm now in a situation, due to some additional datasets in other projections that I am having to edge match against and other projections editing is being done in, that I need to know what transformations are actually being applied by the append tool.


I know in the project tool, you can specify what transformation is used, so you could move data back and forth between coordinate systems in a predictable way.  However, I've not been able to figure out what transformation the append tool is using, to let me and other users work out this cross-projection edge matching issue.


And to note, I'm not talking about just the on-the-fly projecting done within ArcMap/ArcPro for display purposes.  I'm talking about changing coordinate systems of the actual datasets themselves.


If anyone has a lead on this, I'd appreciate!