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Get width of a Dockpane pro sdk

Question asked by mkisakye_works on Jul 17, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2020 by mkisakye_works

I have created help content for input parameters on a dockpane which shows up when the user hovers over the info icon to the left of the input parameter as a tooltip. I would like for the tooltip to show up not on the dockpane but to the right of the dockpane. I figured the best way to achieve this would be to set the HorizontalOffset of the tooltip to the width of the dockpane. To achieve this, I need to know the width of the user's dockpane. I figured it would be best to dynamically retrieve the width of the dockpane and use that as the HorizontalOffset  of the tooltip. So how do I access the width of a dockpane. I checked the 'pane' help but it has no width property. Uma Harano Wolfgang Kaiser