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Collector offline with vector and raster tiles at the same time

Question asked by jtrappet2010 on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by jtrappet2010

Is it possible to use a raster and vector tile layer in the new Collector at the same time?


In the old version of collector, we would make tile packages of the aerial imagery with vector features included (roads, percels, etc.) and side load them.  Now that vector tiles are available, we also have vector tile packages for our vector data, and in web maps we just put the raster aerial imagery and vector layers together.  Can we do this in the new collector?  This would allow the vector tiles to be updated separately from the aerial imagery -- much faster and more efficient as we only get new aerial imagery every other year, but we update our vectors as often as every day.


I've seen where we can specify a tile package that is side loaded, but it only lets us pick one, a vector OR a raster, not both at once.  If we try to add the vector tiles to the web map, then it no longer allows us to take it offline.  Is there some other way that we haven't found yet?


Thank you!