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Alternatives to Geoprocessing Widget, anyone? Ways to generate sample JSON for testing GP Service, anyone else?

Question asked by agelfert on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by ARupe@dnr.IN.gov_indnr

I'm in the process of converting some existing custom Geocortex tools to ESRI WAB and JSAPI web tools.

For one of these, what I'm looking to recreate is the ability to:

  1. Query for and select a feature
  2. Generate a set of PDF maps centered on that feature with some pretty strict layout spec's.
  3. Finally prompt the user to download/save the PDFs as ZIP.

ESRI suggested that I look into using the Geoprocessing Widget to call a geoprocessing service that generates the maps. GP Widget looks promising.

QUESTION 1 - Is there another more appropriate out of the box offering? I've previously set up a custom print template on my hosting server, which worked fine. But what I need is a little more, I guess you'd say - complex. More like a fancy ultra print widget with the ability to pass in some parameters that are used as text in a print template.


Of course, I immediately started reading about arcpy.ConvertWebMapToArcGISProject(). The thought of working out my functionality in Python has a much great appeal than trying to whip up some jimu-jambalaya in WAB (sorry still not feeling the love).


QUESTION 2 - What is the easiest way for me to generate some sample JSON based off an actual web map of mine that I can use for testing with my geoprocessing code?


I could, of course, follow the guidelines here. But is there a simpler (lazier) way? Something similar to generating JSON output for a map service using the "?f=pjson." karate chop.


Hey, thanks for chiming in.