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Smart Editor Widget - Choosing Feature to Intersect?

Question asked by agebhart_johnsoncounty on Apr 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by agebhart_johnsoncounty

How does the Smart Editor determine which intersecting feature gets pulled into the attributes of a new feature. 


I am testing the Smart Editor Widget in WAB Developer 2.13.  I have a feature service for utility permits (lines) and I have the Smart Editor set up so that when the line is drawn it pulls in the intersecting Section-Township-Range.  If I start in section 5 and end in section 6, which value should be pulled in, 5 or 6?  The same thing applies to township and range.  I've noticed cases where it seems to grab the starting section, but the next feature appears to pull in the ending section number.  I swear I've also seen instances where it pulls in the section that contains the largest share of the total line length


Is there something else at play?