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Create new feature in Smart Editor (Web AppBuilder) stops working after opening attribute table

Question asked by Stina.Edelfeldt@slu.se_gis_slu on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by avezina-esristaff


I have made an app using Web AppBuilder with three layers, two point and one polygon. 

After I open the attribute layer in the app and do anything in the table (like clicking on a field or changing layer), I can no longer add new features in one of the point layers using Smart Editor. "Click to add a point" appears in the map, but when I click, no new point appears (the text disappears, though). This only happens if I open the attribute table (closing it again does not help). If I refresh the entire page, everything works fine again (until I open the attribute table). 

Note that this only happen to one of my point layers. I have tried to check for differences between them, but I far as I can tell, they are identical. 

Does anyone know how to fix this? Very grateful for any help, I have been stuck with this for quite some time now.