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Adding new Electric Line (Medium Voltage Conductor)

Question asked by mhamsa on Jun 23, 2020
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This going to be a very basic question - sorry about that. Currently I'm working with the Utility network demo dataset (Naperville) and I'm wondering how I can add some new ElectricLine (Medium Voltage Conductor) that will be connected to a subnetwork? I've tried a number of things, but I cannot figure it out.


At this point I added a couple of new ElectricLines starting from an existing ElectricLine that is already in a subnetwork. The network validates successfully after the edits, but no connectivity. The Subnetwork Name on the new ElectricLines are "Unknown" - which I'm sure is part of the problem, but I cannot figure out how to set that either. If I start a trace from the existing ElectricLine it traces, if I start a trace from the end of this new ElectriLine, it does not trace.


Are there are easy to follow beginner tutorials I can use to perform this simple task?


Here's a screenshot - the highlighted ElectricLine is new.