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pay for license for each tool separately

Question asked by Milan.Riha@Vodafone.Com on Jun 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2020 by Milan.Riha@Vodafone.Com
Dear ESRI Team
Our company is using your ArcGIS Pro tool, and many users are using Near function which is not available in Standard ArcGIS Pro license, whereas other tools as QGIS or MapInfo have this in their basic license. We have many users that will migrate from MapInfo to another tool, and I wonder if there is a chance ESRI is planning to react to the fact that competitors have this in basic license and shift that basic tool under standard license in foreseeable future or not? 
From user perspective it is not really fair from ESRI, especially looking at the price to have it under advanced license. I understand Advance tools should be those with the latest tech features, or those that require lots of maintenance but spatial join, near, and other basic should be in basic or at max in standard license, don't you agree?
If there was at least a chance to buy the individual tools separately, that would make more sense, rather than have 75% of tools we do not use and 25% of what we need, if there is maybe another 1% of tools we need from advance license 
Thank you

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