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Azure Event Hub connector issue

Question asked by EsriGuy on May 26, 2020
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by EsriGuy

Hi Esri Geoevent team


Using code Azure for geoevent - we compiled JAR files and hosted in ArcGIS Geoevent 10.6.0 . Adaptors were working fine as expected. All of sudden , one fine day , geo-event went rogue, we have admin reset the geoevent with Esri support, this caused adapter to disappear .  I deleted /geoevent/data contents and also deleted jar from /deploy and uploaded again , but still adapter not appearing. This is kind of magic. if someone can shed some light on this, would be helpful. I read geoevent SDK PDF and try to understand custom connector dependency but still no help.


Thanks in advance


RJ Sunderman _ Please help me on this.