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issue with missing geoevent definition when restarting service

Question asked by LeefmannHZG on May 18, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by eironside-esristaff

My simplified Geoevent Service looks like this:

Using the field calculator, I can add a name field, and thereby create a new geovent gefinition, which I then use in the field mapper to map my data to the output definition. However, if I restart the service, the new geovent definition is initially missing so I can't configure the field mapper, until new data is received from the input. In my real world example, it can take some time until new data is received (consider e.g. a field mapper after an incident detector) and the geoevent gefinition is created, making it impossible to work on the field mapper processor or check if the service is working correctly.


Would it be advisable to create a "static" geoevent definition for the field mapper (e.g. a copy of the new defintion when the service is running), or is there a better way to deal with the issue of temporarely existing definitions?