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Is there a single document that catalogs differences between Connect and Web designed surveys

Question asked by tom.rippetoe on May 21, 2020
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We are working to roll-out Survey123 to an entire department in our Organization. The questions that come up most often are around the differences between surveys designed with Connect and those designed on the Survey123 website. Additionally, we are asked the differences in functionality for a given survey that is rendered in the Field App vs rendered on the Web. A typical question goes something like this: if i create a survey in Connect that takes advantage of multi-language support, will that functionality be supported if the survey is taken on the web (which unfortunately i dont yet know the answer to  ) 


Does a document exist that identifies the differences in survey design and survey rendering depending on which app was used to design the survey and which app is used to render the survey?


I have found this site which is a small step in the right direction ( Quick reference—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation ). In many blog posts, the author often mentions functionality differences and whether something will render differently. For example there's this line "The Survey123 web app does not support nested repeats." from a recent blog post (Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Repeats ). But it's not realistic to ask new users to comb thru all the blog posts and other sites to find this information bit by bit. I think folks (including me) want a definitive list that is comprehensive and is easy to access/find.