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Does opening multiple ArcGIS desktop windows use multiple concurrent licenses?

Question asked by bogibrynjar on Jul 22, 2015
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Updated: Apparently there was some misunderstanding between me and the user, he had one ArcMap window and one ArcCatalog window open on the same desktop. The license usage is still peculiar i.e. he is registred as using 2x ArcGIS desktop licenses while I know this sort of work flow should only use 1x license. So my question is a bit altered now, what can cause this workflow to use 2x licenses while it should only be using 1x?


I've got a peculiar case here regarding a user opening two windows of ArcMap on his desktop and it uses up 2 licenses (concurrent) from the license server. However if I try to reproduce this behavior on my own desktop I am only registered as using 1x concurrent license from the license server.


So my question is which scenario is the "default" and correct behavior for ArcMap? Should it, in the above example, use 1 or two licenses from the license server? Thanks in advance for any answers, feedback and/or comments.




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