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Can't Add Photos To Repeat Image Using Survey123 Inbox

Question asked by paddyc on May 17, 2020
Latest reply on May 19, 2020 by paddyc

Unable to add new photos to existing feature service in Survey 123 despite image question being set up as a repeat in my form. When attempting to add photos to existing records using inbox the repeat image question is disabled in the form . There are no existing photos associated with the features I am updating. The workflow is as follows:


1. Published new survey with image question in repeat using Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS.

2. Verify all correct permission/sharing settings enabled on the feature service.

3. Add features to newly formed layer from step 1 with ArcGIS Pro using Append geoprocessing tool.

4. Use Inbox in Survey123 to open an existing records.

5. Image question in repeat is disabled.


Previously raised here but from what I can read remains unresolved:

Adding Images/Attachments to Survey in INBOX 



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