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Cannot copy fields from Join using tool?

Question asked by Sjjs3189 on May 6, 2020
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by jborgion

I am trying to join a feature class to a table and copy the attributes to the feature class. I can get the join to work, but once I tell it to field calculate the attributes to the new field, the process gets stuck in an infinite loop and won't end. I'm using the tools rather than manually in order to build a script. Manually adding the join and calculating it works fine. It's only using tools. I've tried a couple different tools, to no avail. I was working on 10.3, but I upgraded to 10.6 to see if it was just because my software was outdated or buggy. No luck. 


Other notes:

-The field calculate tool works fine as long as there is no join

-Once I cancel the process and open the attribute table (assuming arcgis doesn't crash), the fields are there and filled. So the process is working, it just won't finish. 


Any ideas?