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How to calculate number of days between a date on repeat table one and repeat table two?

Question asked by Entsika_Liesl on May 2, 2020

Hi All,


I have created a form for survey123 connect mainly for stock management. I am struggling to do some calculations in the form so thought I'd rather perform them in my attribute table.


My service layer consists of: feature layer, order history table and inventory utilisation table.


I want to calculate the days between my deliverydate field that is within the order history table and issue date field that is within the utilisation table. It needs to be populated under Issued_delivered.

One delivery speaks to multiple issue dates. Hence I had to link a table to the order history to show the issue history. My problem is that I don't know how to calculate between two tables. I'm also not sure what the effect will be when a new delivery date is inserted.


The main purpose of this is to calculate safety stock, which will trigger a new order.


Therefore, I need the days between delivery and issue dates, this will allow me to calculate daily utilisation which in turn will help me calculate safety stock.


Please assist me with calculating between various tables in AGOL.


Much appreciated.