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YouTube videos broken in Story Map Tour

Question asked by KatyAppletonUEA on Apr 9, 2020

I just set up a brand new Story Map Tour to host a number of short videos, adding content individually (not in bulk via Import). There are 14 points, each with a public YouTube video. When I was setting up the tour, each YouTube URL was recognised and the video and thumbnail were acquired as expected, but when I view the story map I get "not found" for all videos and thumbnails. Going back in to edit view then also shows the content as missing. If I try and re-add it, I can see the thumbnail but get the same error in the video panel.


My Stories reports no errors for this map tour.


How do I fix this, please? 


Edit: the Story Map was stripping the https: off the front of the image and video URLs, so each began // - reinstating https: fixes it. In a further odd twist, changing the thumbnail URL causes the video URL to be described as a picture which means it will not display.