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Datasmith - Unreal Engine

Question asked by sherifssalama on Mar 29, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by BNeukom-esristaff


I have CityEngine 2019.1 - and I still struggling with exporting using Datasmith.
I am only exporting one street for testing purposes, I made it using the complete streets cga rule.


What I want is for every element to be exported individually as an instance to be replaced later in Unreal. I tried all possible combinations for Merge and Instancing.

If I am using plantations its the only element that works fine, every plant is either an instance or instanced static mesh actor which are both fine and I can replace them easily.

however for elements like benches, lamp posts... they are either merged as one element each e.g (all lamp posts one static mesh not instanced) which in this case there are also very noticeable inaccuracies in the models themselves, not about placement but the actual geometry of the models.

Or in other case the entire street is merged e.g (right sidewallk one static mesh with all the benches and lamp posts... or median and lanes one static mesh with all the lamp posts and other elements as well as one static mesh....)
seems like there is no way to export instanced elements to replace them later in unreal?? or am I mistaken.


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