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Modify pg_hba.conf on Relational Datastore?

Question asked by joelhempenius_m on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2020 by MappingAutomation
I recently configured GeoAnalitics Server on my Arcgis Enterprise and I run into a strange error
I want to copy data from a FeatureService (Extract Capability enabled) with data from my Enterprise Geodatabase to a Hosted FeatureService with the Relational Datastore where the data should be copied into.
Here is a screenshot of what I'm trying to do
Portal gives an error after a while:
In the Arcgis Server log from GeoAnalitics Server:
SEVERENov 7, 2018, 3:32:57 PMJob 'jc8cba0c08c65424786c2870a0ecc6b69' for tool 'CopyToDataStore' failed: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "xxx.125.50.165", user "hsu_00jx3", database "db_1sc75", SSL off.System/GeoAnalyticsTools.GPServer
The ipadress is from my GeoAnalitics Server Host, so the conclusion i draw from this message is that the geoAnalytics tools try to access the Postgres database which comes with the Esri Datastore directly.
I've worked with Postgres and Postgis before, so I know what this error means, and when it is my Enterprise geodabase, I would have modified this file and would not have come here.
But in this case, it is the Data Store which comes with my Base Deployment. And I was always told this database is managed by the Esri Software, so you should not touch these low level settings. Am I right here?
I used this page to configure GeoAnalitics server and made sure all firewall ports are open:
Arcgis Enterprise 10.6.1:
1 server with Arcgis Server Hosting role + Portal
1 server with  Arcgis Datastore Relational + tile
1 server with Arcgis Datastore SpatioTemporal (Copying data to my  Spatiotemporal Big datastore with this same tool runs fine )
2 clustered Arcgis Servers for  mapservices from my Enterprise Geodatabase en Geoanalytics
So my questions:
Did I miss something while configuring the GeoAnalytics Server?
Should I manually fix the pg_hba,conf file?
If I update to a newer version of Arcgis Enterprise in the future, will my modified pg_hba.conf be preserved?