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Why won't pop ups in a Story Map: Map Series work on a smartphone?

Question asked by shanebradt on Mar 30, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2020 by kbcarlso

I'm having trouble with a Classic Esri Story Maps - pop ups don't work on iOS devices (see


The pop ups work just fine with a desktop browser, but when I try to click on a point on the map on my iPhone and iPad (each running current the OS), the pop ups rarely appear. Instead, I click away over and over again, nearly always to no effect.


I tried increasing the size of the icons, which didn't solve the problem. I also tried viewing the Story Map on Firefox on both devices, and the pop ups didn't work there either.


I tried the ArcGIS Online map itself and the pop ups work just fine on both devices. I also tried embedding the map in a dashboard, then viewing it on the same devices - the pop ups work there too.


Any ideas about what is happening and how to fix it? Or is this a known problem with the Classic Story Maps on iOS devices?


Thanks so much,

Shane Bradt

UNH Cooperative Extension