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Adding Contingent Values to database in ArcPro makes feature class totally unusable in ArcMap? Really?

Question asked by rachel.beard_cadoc on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by rachel.beard_cadoc

I am looking forward to contingent values and see it as a way to solve some of the editing complaints that I hear and hope to use the functionality as a carrot to move users to ArcPro but it has to not KILL my feature classes in ArcMap.


I have a series of templates that I build for users. These templates have ArcMap 10.7 and ArcPro 2.4 options depending on the users preference. Both applications point to the same project file geodatabase. I built the contingencies and did some tests edits. LOVE the results and look forward to the rumored advancements in the functionality ( Planning for Contingencies – Contingent Values in ArcGIS Pro 2.4) . Unfortunately, when I open ArcMap the feature classes that now have contingent values, also, now have red exclamation marks. When I try to repair the data sources i get the attached message. " Error repairing the layer. The item does not have a definition. Unable to instantiatiate class for xml schema type: ArrayOfFieldGroup ".  When I try to add them to a new .mxd I get a similar message. I found a small incompatibility note hidden in the documentation : Work with contingent values—Geodatabases | Documentation although it references Enterprise 10.7.


Is there a plan to allow the formatting of contingent values for use in Pro that does not kill the feature classes' accessibility in ArcMap ?