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GeoEvent Server High Availability

Question asked by crafty762 Champion on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2020 by rsunderman-esristaff

I'd like to get some input from the community and from Esri's RJ Sunderman on my proposed architecture for one of my clients.  This client is looking to implement a highly available GIS architecture that includes GeoEvent Server.  Below is a simplified architecture diagram showing the anticipated flow of traffic between users, servers, clusters, and load balancers.  Note that we will not be using web adaptors but instead will be relying on the load balancers.  My main questions are around the GeoEvent Server portion of the diagram.  I'd like to make GeoEvent Server "highly available", or as close to it as possible.  Would it make sense to create a multi-node ArcGIS Server site and configure GeoEvent Server the exact same way on all of them?  Will the GeoEvent Gateway properly handle the traffic between nodes in this case?  We're specifically talking about the 10.7.1 version of the software, by the way.  The goal here is redundancy, not necessarily scalability, so I wouldn't need to have different data inputs/outputs on each GeoEvent node.  Could I then federate that entire site of GeoEvent Servers with the Portal and still see expected behavior?  If I take this approach, will I see two sets of services (one from each GeoEvent Server) within my Portal once I publish a service from GeoEvent Server?  I've been reading, in previous versions of the software, that the recommendation was to create siloed ArcGIS Server sites each containing GeoEvent Server where they would run independently from one another.  I'm trying to avoid having multiple services for the same content and I'm trying to get as close to a single endpoint for users as possible.  Let me know if I need to clarify anything in particular.  Thanks for your time and input.