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Pan using mouse roller button in arcgis runtime

Question asked by fredhejazi2 on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2020 by fredhejazi2

Is there a simple way to get the middle mouse button to act as pan in ArcGIS Runtime?  Similar to the way ArcGIS Desktop works.  Pressing on the mouse roller allows panning the map.  This would be a useful capability as typically the left mouse button is used for selecting and during the selection process, sometimes, the things the user needs are off screen.  So, having a pan button is very useful.  The mouse roller already does support zoom in and out, so adding pan would be super cool.  


I called tech support about this.  They gave me a complicated solution about swapping mouse functions in windows which did not work.  We did develop something ourselves that does work, but it is slow and not smooth as it would be if it was built into arcgis runtime. runtime 100.7.00