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Survey123 accessibility for visually-impaired?

Question asked by Rizbee on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by zliu-esristaff

I have a Survey123 tool created using Survey123 Connect that I would like to have added to my university's campus smartphone app.  The request has been denied because the web development team says that the Survey123 tool does not pass accessibility testing for the visually-impaired.  I'm hoping you can help me resolve the two main issues that have come up:

1) Selection menus and drop-downs do not work with tabbing - Is there a format for select_one or select_multiple questions that can be activate using a Tab key, as a visually-impaired person would do if they were using screen-reader software?


2) Is there a way to add alt text to images used in Survey123 surveys?  I have scoured the documentation and cannot find any reference to this.


If I can't make these changes to Survey123 I will be forced to collect data using Qualtrics, which is a horrible alternative since it cannot collect (precise) geographic location.


Thanks in advance,

Allen Risley

GIS Specialist

Cal State University San Marcos