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Configuration with Reverse Proxy - ArcGIS Enterprise

Question asked by FSTSGIS on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by jbrockwe

We recently installed and configured ArcGIS enterprise 10.6.1. It has been configured properly and several feature services have been published and edited on our internal network. However, the issue stems from allowing traffic external to the organization. A preamble is that an instance on the firewall ( Reverse Proxy) with the 443 protocol which is assigned to the mail server already exists. Therefore to configure the reverse proxy to utilize portal configuration, protocol 443 with assignment to a port (port 7443) was made instead. However upon assessing the portal using 443 with the port 7443, it reverts to the mail server due through existing https (443). What other possible configurations are there to be utilized in allowing traffic other than 443 to portal?


NB: Https://portal_url:7443 works internally. Is accessing the same url from outside the organization through the firewall is where the problem lies.