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No Image/Audio capture is activated when I start survey from features in Inbox

Question asked by kerrygis on Jan 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by bstokes-esristaff

Hello all, 


I have created a survey with an existing feature layer. The survey is supposed to capture a few images and 1 audio, but when I tested it on the phone, there are no icons where I can activate my cameras and voice record. There are just names listed, Image1, Image2, ... Image 5, Audio.


Before publishing the feature layer, I ran the tool 'Enable Attachments' and there was no error when I published survey. Any advice where I need to look into??







Image/audio seems work when I test in in the survey123 connect preview, but not in the downloaded mobile app.






+ Additional Note

My current method is selecting the existing feature from Inbox> open survey. This case I do not see any image/audio buttons. However, if I start with 'Collect', I can see them and can capture images/audio.


So it looks like I need to enable to add/edit attachments of the existing features.....any advice?