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Survey123  Integromat email notification

Question asked by mk_urbangis on Jan 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by mk_urbangis

All, I am new to webhooks and need some help.
I have created a survey with Survey123.
I would like an email notification to be sent when a question 'Condition' is answered as 'Poor'.

Using Integromat I created a scenario with a filter to trigger an email notification when Condition=Poor.


  • When testing by submitting a survey on my laptop in Survey123 browser
    • No email is sent
    • I can go into my integromat scenario and run just the email and an email is sent.
    • The Survey123 module in Integromat scenario recognizes that a survey has been sent
  • When testing by submitting a survey via mobile device (android phone)
    • No email is sent
    • The Survey123 module does not recognize that a survey has been submitted


Any help is appreciated.