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How do I show/hide FeatureLayers programmatically?

Question asked by on Jan 13, 2020
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I am building a extension of the PrintWidget which will print a specific basemap+featureLayer+other settings. For example, it will have a button which when clicked will print the current map, including whatever the user uploaded with the AddData widget, but using the basemap "streets" and a specific FeatureLayer or two.


In this thread I learned how to programmatically change the basemap. Now I want to add layers to this new basemap (before printing). But, I cannot find a way to do it.


I looked at other threads for possible examples, but they did not work. Namely, this code: 


 var featureLayer = new FeatureLayer(url);;


does not actually show the new layer. The code does add the new layer to the LayerList widget (which I did not want), and it is even checked, but data from the layer does not show up on the map.


What I would like is a way to programmatically "click" (show/hide) on a layer in the LayerList widget, from a different widget. Any ideas?