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Widget to turn on/off layers? (No, not the Layerlist.)

Question asked by agelfert on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by agelfert

As noted in another post just minutes ago, I'm in the process of converting some existing custom Geocortex tools to ESRI WAB or JSAPI web functionality.


Geocortex offers the apparently rather popular Themes concept in their framework. It's a way to group a number of layers into a theme and then turn layers on/off by switching from one theme to another. So you'd either pick a selection from a dropdown, or with only two choice toggle between two states to activate (turn on) one group layers, thereby turning the other(s) off. QUESTION: Is there an obvious OTB or available custom widget candidate to do this?


Certainly don't want to make anyone have to interact with the LayerList or TOC to hide or unhide layers. it should be more one-click behavior. I could see how you'd build two web maps from map services in Portal and then flip back and forth between those.


It's quite easy to build this using the JavaScript API. All you need is a HTML dropdown element with some event handlers that then turn on/off layers. Unfortunately, I have not been able to twist my brain into a shape that would allow me to decipher custom WAB widgetry . So hoping that someone has used one of the available widgets for this purpose?