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Auto-Populate one field in Collector based on another

Question asked by RanseenS_Keizer on Dec 27, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2019 by RanseenS_Keizer

I have a field collector application recording cross walks.  Right now I have a series of domains to allow for easy fills of select fields such as if a certain measurement for the crosswalk passes or fails inspection.  These pass fails are based on recorded measurements.

Is there anyway that I can get the pass/fail fields to auto fill for my field workers based on the answer they in place in the integer measurement field.


Ex) ramp1_slope% is greater than 8% so ramp1_pass_fail field auto fills with fail.  (ramp1_pass_fail has the domain: pass, fail. ramp1_slope% is integer field)


I am debating remaking this collector into a 123 survey but am concerned about point accuracy and if it would really save my field workers any time. 

I am a novice at python mostly use it for calculations and know just enough arcade to make a pop-up for webmaps.


Thank you for your time and advice