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Auto Prefix a unique id in AGOL Web App

Question asked by daviwyat on Oct 28, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by PKlingman-esristaff

We have several web apps running on AGOL that were built with Web App Builder of the Developer published to AGOL.  The Web Apps have the typical incremental numeric unique ID that auto populates 101, 102, etc..  Several Departments use these app and they get confused which unique ID go with what Service, Application or Site.  We looked at date time ID's and GUID's but that's just too big of a ID.  There is a single person that starts these applications, so we are not worried about 2 sites being entered at same time.  Each person is responsible for their web app.


Our users would like each web app to prefix the ID with an 2 letter based on what it is.  Such as Intake Application for services IDs look like IN101, IN102,etc.  Survey applications = SV101,SV102,etc.  New House Site Assessment Review= SR101, SR102.


Any help would be appreciated