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Change Server account to domain account

Question asked by soneill_nmslo on Dec 19, 2019
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   I have Arc server 10.7.1 federated with Portal 10.7.1.  I am needing to change the arc server account to a domain account, but when I try to do so within the ArcGIS Server account utility I receive "the network path was not found" error.

I have verified that I am on a domain, that the user I'm trying to use is able to log into the machine via the domain on the server machine, to no avail. I can see this user/domain users through Portal Admin with no problems. and am activley authenticating users in Portal with Active Directory. Can the arc Server account be altered in this way when server is  federated?  

I've tried solutions from this article:

Use nested groups in a Windows Active Directory identity store—ArcGIS Server Administration (Windows) | ArcGIS Enterpris… 

Still, I cannot connect. 


Does anyone have any insight?  I can see this user through Portal Admin with no problems. 


Can the arc Server account be altered when federated?  


Any insight is appreciated.