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New feature service layers (w Branch versioning) don't allow clients to apply edits

Question asked by corydavis343 on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by gmacdougall-esristaff

I recently republished the feature services hosted on ArcGIS server and a permission issue appears to be denying clients from doing any operation which alters the data. This didn't happen with the previous set of services, so I'm assuming I didn't configure the permissions correctly during publishing.


This error is logged in Server Manager after attempting a data-modifying operation: "Operation only allowed by the owner of the version [DEFAULT]" Here is the error output in the console of the client app:


This is what I see when I select the layer, then go to Edit > Status.

"This table is registered as versioned with a different model than the connected version. Edits cannot be made."



I suspect this has something to do with the branch versioning being enabled. Is there something I do in ArcGIS Pro to modify the layer so clients can edit the data? Let me know what other info would be helpful to solving this.