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Public Survey/Private Data and Feature Reports

Question asked by Dante_COE on Dec 12, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by Dante_COE

I've been trying to connect some dots, and I haven't found the information I'm looking for. Here is my scenario:

I have a public survey (published from Survey123 Connect) that's collecting some sensitive data. I've followed the steps in Getting Started with Public Surveys to secure the data, such that Add features is allowed and Editors can't see any features, even those they add. As the owner, I can see the data, and it isn't viewable by the public. Perfect.


However, when I go to the Survey123 website and view the Data tab for that survey, the data can't be loaded. (I am logged in as the owner of the survey.) This also prevents me from creating feature reports.

So am I missing a setting I can leverage? Or is this just how it is at the moment? Appreciate any insight. Thanks!

Edit to add: is it possible to direct the Data view on the S123 website to a different feature layer view?