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Drone2Map system clock error

Question asked by amber_brooks on Sep 3, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by aam-esristaff


I just installed the August 2019 release of Drone2Map and licensed it with my authorized named user. I also "took it offline" prior to closing the app, in prep for use in the field or without internet. I closed the app, and went to reopen it and now I get the above message when I attempt to "sign in" to authorize the software. Weird, because I did authorize it for offline use, before closing it.


I have a 60 day trial authorized to my named user within my AGOL org. Esri please advise. I can find little to no documentation on this specific error message - specific to Drone2Map. I have also tried changing my system clock to MT, CST, EST from no avail the app will not launch due to this error. I am based in California, our AGOL admins are across the country...I work for USGS.