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Per-texture transformations not exported from CityEngine

Question asked by Jack.Curran on Oct 14, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by alan_adk



I've been working with the Local Government 3D Basemap in ArcPro and have used it create a gdb which I have subsequently imported into CityEngine. I have created LOD3 buildings, and the textures display fine in CityEngine. However, when I export it to FBX and import it into 3ds Max, the textures are distorted and/or repeated a large amount. I assume this is because per-texture transformations aren't being carried across, which is frustrating as the documentation suggests this does work for Maya (but 3ds Max is mysteriously not mentioned).


Does anyone know a way around this issue? I have tried exporting the FBX with various options to no avail, and I can't seem to access the per-texture transformations in CityEngine as they appear to be controlled by the Local Government 3D Basemap rule package.


I have included before and after images below to demonstrate the issue I'm facing. Any help would be most appreciated!





(note that the texture is showing in the above image - it just looks grey because the texture is repeated massively so appears tiny!)