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Changing the URL of our Enterprise

Question asked by jhevenor on Nov 22, 2019

We're planning on moving from a pilot instance of ArcGIS Enterprise to production. This move will mean a new home for VMs ('Prod' azure subscription), and switching to the corporate URL from a temp self-created url. Our pilot has dozens of users and we don't want to loose content. 


Moving the new VMs shouldn't be bad. I expect to follow the backup/restore migration method using webgisdr. 


I've been reviewing this post (Changing ArcGIS portal DNS alias post installation -  ) and it doesn't sound bad, but I'm interested in finding an official workflow. 


An important factor, our pilot has twinned VMs for portal and server, and the server is federated as the hosting server using the web adapter.  So   I'm playing around in a sandbox trying out some approaches I think this will be a hiccup.  Un/Re-federating has been cantankerous for us in the past. 


Any advice or references are welcome.  Thanks!