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Creating TIN in ArcGIS from triangular elements

Question asked by manfromironbark on Nov 21, 2019
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I am wondering if anyone has figured out how to build a TIN in ArcGIS from a shapefile made up of triangles with values attached to the triangles.

Essentially I have a TIN in shapfile format and don't want or need any sort of interpolation of the data. All I want is to be view/use the TIN in ArcGIS.

None of the tools under 3D Analyst Tools > Data Management > TIN allow me to do this, i've tried most if not all of the combinations....hard replace which you would think would work, does work but only for a few triangles at a time and i'm working with millions. 


I've found an old article on stack exchange asking the same thing ( Creating TINs in ArcGIS from triangular elements? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange ) and tried LandXML to TIN too and it hasn't worked. The stack exchange post refers to notifying ESRI regarding this issue and was wondering if there has been any progress?