Map Series (Individual page edits)

Discussion created by mdondanville on Nov 21, 2019
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I am trying to build a workflow to move our boundary survey drafting to ArcGIS pro. This has been working great and saves hours. The workflow automatically fills out the legal description and deed as well as uses parcel fabric to create the bearing, distance, etc. I have gotten the question asking if we can edit 1 page in a 200+ page map series to have different or additional information. I want to keep the whole workflow in pro, but ever once in a while there are a few pages/parcels that need an additional note or custom wording that cannot be derived from dynamic text like the rest of the legal description/deeds. 


I am looking for help figuring out a workflow and proposing an proposing an idea to ESRI on how to edit single map series pages in these unique situations. I would think that there could be a checkbox in the text box attributes that allow you direct that specific layout feature to only be displayed on a specific page. 


For now, I am hoping that someone else has thought of this and has a workaround for the workflow. The only solution I have come up with right now is to have an overarching text box where the user can fill out the outlier legal descriptions that cannot be derived from data. The text box is only turned visible for those specific pages. Unfortunately this is a manual process in the middle of an auto export of 200+ pages. 


Thank you